«RESEARCH AND PRODUCTION ENTERPRISE WATER METER» LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY provides a wide range of goods and services in the field of energy accounting and supplies of specialized industrial equipment and measuring instruments.

«RPE WATER METER» LLC is a leading Ukrainian enterprise in the development and production of ultrasonic industrial flowmeters of the IRKA family and energy accounting systems. Our products and services are the result of the work of highly qualified specialists, balanced technical solutions of developers, reliance on modern design and production technologies.

We have been working in the ISO 9001 quality system, the standards of which are strictly observed at all stages of the production cycle. The high quality of our products is achieved due to the culture of production, the use of new technologies, the use of hardware components from Analog Devices, Altera, Atmel, Microchip. Quality control ensures the highest level of services we provide. During our work, several thousand metering devices have been produced, delivered and installed at customer sites, both in Ukraine and abroad.

Our regular customers are metallurgical plants and mining enterprises, chemical enterprises, thermal and nuclear power plants, utilities, irrigation systems and many other enterprises and organizations, regardless of their field of activity.

In our range of products you can also find equipment from other well-known world and Russian manufacturers: Yokogawa, GE Sensing, Sensus, Comac Cal, PoWoGaz, Landys Gyr, Axioma Metering, Signur, Irvis, Logic, Globus.

Therefore, dear customers and partners, you can feel free to contact us with any questions and production problems related to the accounting of energy resources at your enterprises. Understanding the needs of the client has become an especially important element of our activities and, since our work is not enclosed in a rigid framework, we are always ready to master new types of services for you and solve even the most complex technical problems in the field of energy accounting, offering competent design solutions, reliable equipment, high-quality installation and service.

Mikhail Minchenko

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